Innovative Technology for Data Storage

We have created a solution to the problems of digital data storage. You can protect your data with our innovative and best technology.


A rapid sequence of QR codes is recorded and displayed in video format, enabling the 1-second encryption and error-free transmission of large amounts of data in an animation burst.

As long as data is authenticated at the source (government, authorized issuer), we can guarantee the safe dissemination of the Motion QR cryptograms we generate. Authentication takes place on a physically guarded hardware security module (HSM) placed in customer’s infrastructure.


Possible to authenticate whether any document has expired or been modified


Cryptographic keys do not need to be re-encoded or updated, they don’t expire

How large amounts of data are transmitted?

Individual QR codes are overlaid, one on top of another and replayed in a sequential infinite loop as a video image, changing every tenth of a second.

While traditional QR codes have content limitations, 3D QR codes stacked and played as a 25 fps (frame per second) video can be processed by mobile phones in a matter of seconds or less.

Comparison Between
Traditional QR (Quick Response) and DataQR Technology


More About DataQR

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The Technology





Digital documents that may be displayed in the DataQR system: personal identifiable information (PII), photos, biometric identifiers (latent biometric images), identity documents, driver’s license, medical documents, tickets, coupons, entire contracts or certificates as an image, payment cards, real estate title, stock certificates, medical data; essentially any document which reflects user’s financial, academic, medical, legal, or other status, as maintained by issuer.

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